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Rising he who was subdued
committing acts of protest
their speech of lave is misconstrued
he will put it to the test

Rejecting rule that's obsolete
their influence won't last
he won't accept to taste defeat
their power is part of the past

Contradiction, false disguise
abusing faith of man
he has how seen through their lies
ignores that he is banned

Now... stop looking to the skies
no entity of light will help you
now... who created who?
Did man create god?

No palace in heaven
no life for eternity
these medieval beliefs
can't reign eternally?
the men in power
suffocating wills in a society conformed
in their ivory tower
arranging master plan for our society deformed

Rise now you who were suppressed
think with your own minds
don't let yourselves be oppressed
your own path is what you must find

Religion is but a means of manipulating people
it's time we face it, we are but animals with brains
stuck on this rotating globe of space
life is but a random outcome to biological processes
as is the human race...

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