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Verse 1 -
Listen to me I'm feeling afraid
Of something in my life that is wrong
And your trying to tell me that I'm okay
Don't worry because I am strong

Bridge -
I know it gets hard sometimes but remember that I'm only human
And the things that I face are the same things that you can help me to

Chorus -
I don't want nobody else
I don't need somebody else to tell me about love
I am strong on my own
But if you think you can tell me
Why the things I'm doing is going wrong
It's just me getting stronger

Verse 2 -
Well I'm here to tell you that I'm ok
That with or without you I'm the same
But don't get me wrong I'm still waiting for the day
When we can say we went all the way

Bridge -
Life is about all the meaningful things that we get to share with each
So leave the past behind in each other we'll find our love is strong again

Key Change

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