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My life on earth is over
I died a sudden death
I didn't care about JESUS
I am sorry to confess
I don't know where I am
It could be hell I guess
Should this be the terminal
For all the deceased godless?

A grieving darkness surrounds me
Fearsome screams get through my core
Tearing the intolerable silence
Satan I have to adore
I want to loose my sense

I want to die
But I am dead
JESUS is no lie
His existence is reality

And who believes in Him
Is blessed in all eternity

Now I know that
Now it is too late
Now that I am dead
I know there is no fate

But an almighty GOD who has all under control

If I only had a second chance
I would live a different life
A life in CHRIST
If only somebody could hear me
I would shout out loud
'Alive is CHRIST'

And the reward for those
Who live without Him
Is worse than death
It is eternal loneliness

Eternal agony is my future
Tortured an godforsaken forever
Will I turn back ever?


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