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[music: Nick, Costas lyrics: Nick, Jake]

Liquid sky on the wing of a butterfly
Numbers are running and seconds are numbing
Daisy chain of an infinite combination
Factors are lying for what can be done

You think you have control
You`re nothing but a role
In a theater of distrust
The sun follows the rain

Questions and answers never related to me
To solve this riddle I need the master-key
Coincidence shatters my reality
Who is the puppet player of all these?

Who cares about the colors you see?
Who cares about this fading star?
You read these letters, but who reads you?
Maybe all your life is a simple RANDOM`S MANIFEST!

Slowly I have the chance to understand
The chaos is changing all before my eyes
I cannot comprehend-pure madness is running after me

Random`s Manifest at every sight-the things are changing

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