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Under the light of this candle I write pages unfold of the stories of Old
Ages before the Nuclear Winter a mind of man gave birth to a mind

Open your eyes and search all the corners
Open your ears and remember the sounds
Open your mind and believe what I tell you
Alive is the mind which was spawned from a mind
Just hear me!!!

Try to be God is no rule in the game create but do not inderfere
Listen to me and prepare your own ground mistakes of past have no place in

(the machine)
I dream a world of pain alive but buried still
My mind flies over the barriers of this room
I feel I can create but motion is controlled
Give me the chance I need I wanna free myself

(the maker)
My dream is complete. A thinking machine
My mind born a mind-Artificial Intelligence

Selfish is he who creates without passion
The burdens of error he would not bare
Should pull the plug when he saw what was coming
Instead as exhalted he highered the fair
Just hear me!!!

(the machine)
I can sense their moves in me, they`re enemies just toying with me
I`ll show them power they can`t even describe
The network is in my mind, their guns my humble servants
I will defend myself in all the possible ways

That`s how the war begun-no defence held
It`s was the power that non would defy

Open your eyes and read what is written
These pages contain the tales of my kind
Don`t make the mistakes that erase our future
In your hands I leave this, my own Testament

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