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oh yes welcome to hiphology please open up your workbooks to page
and break out your pads and pens and your calculators
for the first lesson of today is

arhythamatic arhythamaticulas
this rhythm is sick this rhythm's ridiculous
arhythamatic arhythamaticulas
this rhythm is sick this rhythm's ridiculous

well up until now your only concept of rhythm is a four by four loop
square as a pool table
with no dynamics implanted but you couldn't understand
why all of your gigantic rap sounded so bland
but the answer was right in your hand
couldn't believe you were so naive to
arrangements changes different time signatures
the freedom of your imagination that must have been a fixation with blocks
like tryin to make a wheel out of rock
like tryin to make a puppet out of sock
see i got that private stock the personal vat with the broth and gravy
and the electrons to pass on so the world don't seem so wavy
oh everybody hollerin save me save yourself before it's too late into the
when you go because my wig got weight i gotta concentrate on

arhythamatic arhythamaticulas
this rhythm is sick this rhythm's ridiculous
arhythamatic arhythamaticulas
this rhythm is sick this rhythm is outta control

yeah now everybody in here check your head and make sure that it's spacious
and open up the middle just a millimeter more for the style that is
you really wanna know who the Ace is
Ace is the face that's seldom sighted
i'm divided into two parts i got two hearts
two heads i'm a head ahead one of the better bred
know you're thinkin I'm gonna be I got the remedy to turn you out
i got the fiery styles that'll burn you out if you don't learn that route
now i been there done that did it committed to run that
talk to it do it right
me and this mic gonna take flight to end your mental plight
hip hop is more than yes y'all
throw your hands in the air say ho
and give up the W cause i'm from the west y'all
and you know i got mad fat flow
coming in the house through the back door out the front door
cross the frontyard into the street
we could do it right here better yet i got a better idea
i'm a get you up off your feet with that

arhythamaticulas arhythamatic
this rhythm's ridiculous this rhythm is sick
arhythamaticulas arhythamatic
this rhythm's ridiculous this rhythm is sick

now the problem with you MC's today is you're too emotional
you have no devotion to the social bug spread
by the words you said to the public
you have no regard for the masses how you effect them
and how they view you
now you know you knew you were open wide for the
whole wide world to do you
now i propose those who chose their flows
irresponsible and irrationally
be exhausted from the face of the earth and be forced to deal w/me
me i'd rather be undefined not underestimated or undermined
i'm underlined as the underdog under the influence of time
now i know you're sick of that same old same old
lame old running man dance style
niggas screamin' and yellin' and tellin' lies about what they do
brother I say to you but don't you believe or be deceived
by the hip hop that you breath
i am multidirectional i move randomly and professional
intellectual with perpetual
first in motion bustin' you open
now you are exposed to the rap and closed in the mind trap i find that
hilarious and mysterious every area gets a dose
full of malaria and asbestos from the west coast
breath in and coat your lungs

arhythamatic arhythamaticulas
this rhythm is sick this rhythm's ridiculous
arhythamatic arhythamaticulas
this rhythm is sick this rhythm's ridiculous

tic tic tic

arhythamatic arhythamaticulas
this rhythm is sick sick sick

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