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Die Pig Die
As I Clutch My Hands Around Your Throat
Die Pig Die
As I Watch Your Eyes Begin to Bloat
Die Pig Die
You Will Taste My Defecation Soon
Die Pig Die
Now I Stab Your Stomach, Face is Blue

Die Pig Die
Putrid Pile of Fucking Human Waste
Die Pig Die
Let My Anger Flow, Won't Hesitate
Die Pig Die
Bloody Vengence Guts Are Spilled, Blood Flows
Die Pig Die
With My Finger Jammed up Your Split Nose

Die Because I Tell You So
I'll Look You in the Eye As I Strike The Mortal Blow
You Gasp and Bleed and Wheeze and Piss
I'll Bless Your Throat with my Razor's Kiss

Die like a Pig Cause That's All you are to Me
You're Only Shit Underneath My Shoe
Die like a Pig Let me Hear you Squeal
You'll Suffer and Beg Before I'm Through

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