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[Music: Aldridge, Lyrics: Aldridge/Dower]

Fear, you will fear me.
Ripped, I'll see you bleed
Fall, onto your knees. Pray to be freed.
You'll soon become a part of us.
Endure such pain again, and more.
Barbs of rust tear at your flesh.
Can't you control the ecstasy?
Death waits here to embrace you,
Hack your body and rape your soul.
Instruments of the finest degrees.
Blades eager for the taste of the crimson.
This house is a place of evil,
this house is a crypt of pain.
Don't fear it, we enjoy it,
bathe in its bleeding rain.
Your soul is mine for taking,
your mind is not alone.
We'll soon be in there with you,
come join our happy home.
You'll soon become a part of us,
endure such pain again, and more.
Barbs of rust tear at your flesh.
Can't you control the ecstasy?
Drowning in blood. Writhing in pain.
Transgress to... the realm of my madness!

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