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Az e jszaka szulott je, a forditott let sar ja,
A rettegett ordog, orokke ego legenda..

The native of dragons, The leader of the wolves
Rhadamantus tyrant, The Great Impaler Void

He hated the lairs at all, never casigated the truth
Slayed the rag-pickers at all, could not spare the riches too
He nailed the hats on their heads, this way kept the traditions of his
Had his feast in his forest, was made of the victims been impaled

Az e jszaka szulott je, a forditott let sar ja.. a karoba huzo vajda!
A szelrozsa minden iranyaba menekult volna ki merre lat.. egesd fel a

Sad sad desinty, but their catharsis had to be done.. anyway.
The nature always find the way to cut off what is rather like a stunt.

Dark Majesty of all the mystics come back and visit our lands!
They are too much, they are too sick, we need your wise instructions
For to keep the flames and to use the pales.

Lets burn the books, and change the churches to trainspotted ecstasy
Parties! <i>[We have]</i> prepared the place just to take your fair,
Join the digital trance! Black fashion cult in the U.V. light.
U.V. Lord Impaler. Come back! Dark Majesty.. Visit our lands!

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