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Fecal obsession, Fixated on my own turds
sewed down the anus
forcing the crad to fester among my intestines
walking heap of human methane
ready to burst giving the impression of pregnancy
the turds start to revolt, taking over it's host
internal infestation propagating it's way
the intestinal walls colapse injecting veins with filth

walking human methane bomb ready to crack
as shit is oozing out of my pores, my colon walls to collaps
walking human methane bomb ready to hatch
shit is thrusting in my veins- cardiac arrest

Sphinctral enthrallment - shit pumping up the smothered rectum
Sphinctral enthrallment - internal bloodflow congested by feces

the pedestool randomly sprayed with feces and guts
a pittoresque canvas of coprophageous hordseuvers

bypassers repulsed by the burning anal scent,
all admiring this sculpture of steaming excrements
adding puke to the recipe

admiring this shinctral abattoir, victims of this coprophageous war
getting off the stench of bile and spunk, i sphincturbate and defile

sphinctral enthrallment

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