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[Music: Bart, Lyrics: Sven/Leon Del Muerte]

Stain-less steel doors burst open
A gurney wheeling a flatulent cadaver
Abbreviated salutations muted by the stench
...By the stench...

Horrified nurses scatter
Foul human cess seeps
Punctuation the smell
Of acrid colonic contents

Numbed by the reek,
prepare for surgery
Internal horror revealed,
with a blast from the asscheek

Rumbling restless as inflicts post-mortal vengeance
Tell-tail dung marks across the operating table
Eyes see shit, decorating the tools
Hygenic practices scrapped by this foul odour

The ribcage opens,
a smell comes to the fore
Brown stained lungs oozing faeces,
regurgitation ensues

Disbelieving doctors from theories
Manure, in puddles,
from a human sewer
An unbelievable reek should have drained
from his pooper

Gasses build up pressure
Causing an ominous rumble from within
A ghastly turn of events
leaves them all shit-stained, shocked and chagrined

Stain-less steel doors burst open
yet in the other way
phrenetic surgeons are fleeing
this coprophagic mess

Numbed by the reek,
prepare for surgery
Internal horror revealed,
with a blast from the asscheek

A gruesome ending
to a tale of coprophagic grandeur
The art of forensic scatology
had to be endured
A bacteriological manifestation
which leaves no doubt
Infecting bystanders
with this methane gargling disease

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