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One step beyond Running straightforward into nocturnal
silence The quest for eternal nightmare Full embrace,
the darkness lifts you Fire that burns the light Eager
to touch the flickering flame What you seek it's
within you The tasteless sin of the unforgiven To
taste the pleasures of the night Leave us with our
sins With our sins we hold them with grace On a
pedestal of power We have learned to embrace Coming
forth roaring from the darkest places A day with out
light, familiar masses mutilated with out faces The
weak a great feast, an ungodly prophecy Destroying and
devastating the pathetic majority The weak abandon and
crushed utterly Nothing more they hold, nothing more
they can embrace For all is gone Nothing to salvage,
only life I have slayed A price they pay Confrontation
and mass desecration Prophetic obliteration, key of
devastation The treasure of lies, a gift of evil And
such a prize I am awarded In thy arms I embrace the
heartless A cause for celebration The old are left to
die The cancellation, the end of life In the eyes of
lifeless wanders, I see eternity For this is the
treasures of darkness The gift within us all.

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