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She Didn't See Me lyrics song by A1

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When she passes me by, she's a ray of light.
Like the first drop of sun from the sky.
And I know she's a queen who deserves a king.
But I'm not a king, and she doesn't see me.

When she dances, she moves me to a smile.
I see everything near her shine.
There is a grace in her ways I can't contain.
I don't have the grace, she doesn't see me.

And the closer I get I can't help but hide.
So ashamed of my body and voice.
There are boundaries we pass in spite of war.
But our own, we can't seem to cross.

He has a way that surrounds him, so delicate.
With a glory the reigns in his life, he is also so much that he is not.
These things, they don't see and she doesn't see me.

There are things we can change, if we just choose to fight
But the walls of in justice are high.

When she passes me by, she's a ray of light.
Like the first drop of sun from the sky.
And I know she's a queen, who deserves a king.

Someone other than me, she doesn't see me,
She doesn't see me.

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