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As you were, as you were, you won't let last night go,
Can I change, can I change, actions through ambition,
So I'll go, so I'll go, calling from the phone across from you,
You won't see, you won't see, me so I will see you.

What should I do, about the other day,
Did I mess up, you in anyway

So you, decide, all is out, I hide,
not just yet, another day, so what should I say,
can I talk to you soon.
I will wait till you decide, till sandy days and high tide,
I will wait on half passed moons.

Can I call, can I call, you what I wish to,
Or should I wait, or should I wait, till days are gone and sober states,
Just let go, just let go, all those pre-engagements,
I promise, I promise, this is no entailment.

So let this be that time that you look my way
I can't stand your sight, the sun is here to stay

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