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Baby, don't cry
Open your eyes

Here in the dead of the night
Lying here with you by my side,
don't know if this is wrong or it's right
Wishing this was just another day, baby, I can feel it's too late
Just another cruel twist of fate
Looking back through the years, time has dried all our tears
But all good things must end, oh, just listen

Baby, don't cry, I can see we've lost the feeling
Won't you open your eyes and try to find your smile
We've known each other too long to let it all slip away
But when all's said and done, we've said our last goodbye

Baby, don't cry

Baby, we've been living a lie
And even though it hurts deep inside
I know there can be no, no, no compromise
'cause too many chances have passed
And if you want a love that can last,
never try to push things too fast
And though I've no regrets, I still recall the night we met
We said we'd never end, so, baby, listen

Repeat Chorus

All the memories we had, I wouldn't change a thing
And with the lights down low, I'm dreaming of what could have been
Even though we've tried so many times before
I'll take one look around before I close the door
With this one last kiss, I know deep down inside
The beginning of the end, the ending of our time
Maybe we could try, but, no, it's just too late
Just another cruel twist of fate

Looking back through the years, time has dried all our tears
But all good things must end, oh, just listen

Repeat Chorus to fade

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