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You did it once before, you'll do it once again
You use to be with me and you use to be my friend,
Like Brutus and his knife, this is our ides
The wounds in our back was the way that we died
You made me a promise
That you would be there for me
If you do not want this
Go away let me be
So much to say for your promise and wasted time
A friendship lost and the loss was mine
If I could go back and erase time
I would hand your back the knife you buried in my back
Blood-stained hands break my thrust in you
Whenever you lie now I am through
Dying dying crawling crawling
In the grave you made for me
I have bled cause mine and your defeat
You made me a promise
That you would be there for me
If you do not want this
Go away let me be.

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