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( ) = woman's line

Cellphone ringing.
Voice in background: "Yo FAM! Yo nigga, get the phone!"

Verse 1: Thrill Da Playa
(Hey baby, what you doin'?) Playin' TECMO BOWL
And eatin' cream out the middle of some Oreos
I meant to call you back last night
But I was watchin THE RIDDICK BOW,Evander Holyfield fight
Next time you see your friend Michelle,
Tell her if she ain't fake, one of my boys wanna yell
Anyway, that's enough of that
When we gon' hook up, so I can paT the kitty-cat?
Oh, now you wanna play the switcheroo?
Well call me back when you gon' let me hit the coochy-coo
Just because I play the Babyface
Don't mean that I'm a punk AND won't hang up in a lady's face
Oh, I thought you might change your mind
'Cause a fella like myself, I must admit, is hard to find
You coulda stuck with your ex-man
Just to chit-chat and talk about wedding plans
'Cause I ain't gonna talk respectfully
I talk reality, and how we can fulfill your needs sexually
The kinda stuff that'll make you wonder
And callin' me is cheaper than a 976 number
And I ain't tryin' to run game
I DON'T belong to you, so I ain't tryin' to prove a damn thing!
So we can do whatever, but now, all I
Wanna know is, when is we gon' get together?

I hope that we can get together soon (3x)
In my room, yeh, drinkin' a bottle of bOONES ...

Verse 2: Thrill Da Playa
So when you gonna let me get ya hot?
We'll get some wine, food, and a room at the Mariott
What? Filet mignon and Parignon?
Well I was thinkin' more DOWN THE LINE potato chips and BOONES FARM
Baby, I ain't bein' cheap!
But if we gon' be workin' out, we don't need to have too much to eat
I'm sure you need some work on your thighs
And for sure my third leg could use a little exercise
Hold on a second, hon ---
{speaking off the phone}
Man, can't you see I'm on the phone, runnin' game, tryin' to get me some?
What? you're gonna get BEVERLY,
WELL make sure you bring back a freaky-deaky friend for me!
{he comes back on the phone}
I'm back, baby, sorry 'bout that thing
But my boys let me know I was next on the SEGA game
But anyway, onto bigger things, and better things
Like kitty-cat and ding-a-ling
I really hope you're hearing me, and at the same time,
I hope you ain't gettin' the wrong idea of me
I'd love to take you to a picture show
But it's cheaper to stay home and watch it all on HBO
'Cause if we home and we take it,
We'll get the hot-buttered corn, and watch the movie naked
So baby, let's go to my room
And I hope we can get together real soon

Chorus, repeat till fade

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