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[Intro: 3rd Storee] (2x)
You should get with me
If you get with me
You should get with me
If you get with me

Do I look like I'm fakin' with you?
(And I) Am out to hurt you
(And I) Do care about you
(And I) Just wouldn't love you
(And I) Won't get me to you
(And I) Just want it from you
(And I) Is not out to please you
(And I) Could show you I'm true
(If I) Gave the world to you
(If I) Showed you how I do
(If I) Make your words untrue
(If I) Tell you I need you
(If I) Said my heart's for you
(If I) Can't live without you
(If I) Can't sleep without you
Would you know I'm feelin' you? baby, yeah

[Chorus: 3rd Storee (2x)]
What do I do? (You should get with me)
To show you that I'm really feelin' you (If you get with me)
You would feel me (You should get with me)
If you just let me get next to you (If you get with me)
I know I'll do (You should get with me)
Whatever it takes to please you (If you get with me)
Baby you'll see (You should get with me)
If you just let me get next to you (If you get with me)

If you would just hear what I say
(If you) Would just look my way
(If you) Would not turn away
(If you) Would see I don't play
(If you) Just listen to me
(If you) Knew what I can be
(If you) Weren't playin' to me
(If you) Were open to me
(Then you) Would see what I'm 'bout
(Then you) Know how I get down
(Then you) Would see I can please
(Then you) Would really want me
(Then you) Would know that I'm true
(Then you) Would see that I'm into you
(Then you) You might decide
To make it me and you, baby!


may-be in time
you'll rea-lize i'll give (i will give you)
you (everything you) ev-(ever wanted)-ry-(ever needed)-thing (oooh baby)
you, want, and need (baby get with me)

[Chorus till end]

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