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To priase Him with stringed instuments
To praise Him with loud crashing cymbals
To praise Him with calshing cymbals
Let everything that has breath yes praise the LORD

For we sing yes a new song to the Lord
Yes a new song
And let children of Zion
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
Be joyful in our King's presence
His royal majesty JESUS

'Cause you see
It will never be destroyed
It will never be destroyed
'Cause we are in and the children of within Zion
The stronghold the fortress for eternity for eternity
Back off

As is bow I see the clouds
Oh LORD help me hold me now
As I celebrate in joy
And I see your revelation
And as we seek trueness in the skies
I see the light and I see your face
Oh take me there

Zion oh LORD we are so
Zion we are so
Zion, zion, zion

The joy I know
The joy as I begin to close my eyes
I now see everything that's below
And as I rise to the throne above
I inhale the trueness and positivity
And as I begin to not even choke
Through the darkness of this world I say

Here it comes in the clouds
It will never be destroyed
It will never be destroyed
'Cause we are in and the children of within

Zion oh LORD we are so
Zion, zion, zion

Joy and freedom
So good to me

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