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So where you at

Back up off the front line
Don't disrespect JESUS crush your chest
Your feighning on us
Fear'n us hear'n us
Pestilence contagious infectious
Crushin you chest cavity
Leaving you dead and numb
Yet with the bee sting
Oh we be like bees you see
Like bees that rise above five degrees

As the dead inhale brimstone and fire
'Cause prophet's eye already been prophesied
With a quickness dead become pillars of salt
Prophet's eye already been
As the warriors arise from the mist of the overthrow
So where you at

Non blasphemous contagious as they attack
With full body aromor
Splintering the bones of the wicked sick and twisted
Now son you'd better stop and listen
Warriors double edged sword as we attack
Gnashing of teeth and the dead and the weak
But we survive through faith and perserverance
And with this love we shall never compromise

I'm like a cedar planted down in lebanon
'Cause prophet's eye already been prophesied
Hailstrom unit mass six thousand shackles
Prophet's eye already been
As pestilent warriors destroy worlds of babel
Towers of babel

War is on the rise
So where you at so where you at huh
War is on the rise
But who's up on this front line
War is on the rise
But who is on the front line

Prophet's eye

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