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Chorus- Shorty's a sexy girl
She's making me hype
Shorty's a freaky girl
Shorty don't stop
Shorty's a kinky girl
She put it on me
Shorty she rocks my world
It's the remix!!

Verse 1- Shorty, shorty
you're finally mine
You and me together stay comitted for a life time
Shorty, shorty
I like the way you kissin me
I like the way you touchin me
i lkie it when you get freaky
So don't stop
It's feelin so good to me
I'm strokin yo body
Explodin in exctasy girl
Shorty, shorty
Said we freakin to this remix
Said we freakin to this
This remix the remix girl

Chorus 1x

Hook- She made me go ooh, ooh, ooh
I made her go ahh baby!! repeat 1x

Verse 2- Shorty you're the only one the one for me
Late in the evenin when I lay down
I think of you baby
Shorty you're the only one my ghetto queen
I don't need nobody else in my life but you
Shorty you're the only one I'm so in love
I'm so in love wiy cha baby baby
Shorty can I be the one
Shorty can I be the one
Baby can I be the one you spend the rest of your life wit

Chorus 1x

Hook 2x

Verse - Can i take this time (Take this time)
To let you know (let you know)
That girl I really love you sp yes I do (whoa yeah)
And the feelins that I have inside
Won't fade away
Listen baby
Now I know whatcha thinkin bout
Now I know whatcha be about
Now I know how it feels inside
Cause I'm beinging all up in yo mind
And I spend all my time wit you
And I know that you feel it too
Thank God that you're my boo baby

Chorus until out

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