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(Taj Jackson/ Taryll Jackson/ TJ Jackson)

Everybody's headed for the dancefloor
See there's a party going on tonight
Place is here and the time is now
So come on groove bring your friends and let's all get down
Now don't be shy just go with the flow
Let your body groove to the tempo
Side to side back and forth to the beat
Everybody get on up and dance with me

(Tonight)I just wanna dance with you baby
(Tonight)I just wanna groove with you honey
(Tonight)I just wanna dance with you girl


Feel the music and clap your hands
Don't worry 'bout a thing just enjoy the jam
(Everybody get on down everybody get on down)
Move your body all around
There's no rules it's all you just do what you like
Now if you'd excuse me there's some girls I gotta meet tonight

(Tonight)I just wanna dance with you baby
(Tonight)I just wanna groove with you honey
(Tonight)I just wanna dance with you girl


Give me your hand,just do me a favor and say you'll dance with me
Play my favorite songs for you all night long
Come on and party with me


(Tonight)I just wanna dance with you baby
(Tonight)I just wanna groove with you honey
(Tonight)I just wanna dance with you girl


Come on now come on now(I just wanna dance)
Won't you dance dance dance dance baby(I just wanna groove)
Yeaheaheaheahea(I just wanna dance )
Please dance dance(with you girl)
Dance with me baby!

(Tonight)I just wanna dance with you baby(All night... long)
(Tonight)I just wanna groove with you honey(Dance with me baby!)
(Tonight)I just wanna dance with you girl( Girl)

Come on and break it down
(Dance)You know you want this
(Groove) I wanna see her (Dance)

(I just wanna dance)Dance!Yea
I just wanna dance with you girl

One more time for me
(Dance)I like the way you groove
Come on and dance(with you girl)

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