Artist Name - The Name of the Ablbums/Music Single Date of the disc release
2Pac The Best of 2Pac, Part 1: Thug's lyrics 2007-12-04
2Pac The Best of 2Pac, Part 2: Life's lyrics 2007-12-04
2Pac Nu Mixx Klazzics, Volume 2 (Evolution: Duets and Remixes)'s lyrics 2007-08-14
2Pac The 10th Anniversary Collection: The Sex, the Soul & The Street (disc 3: The Street)'s lyrics 2007-03-26
2Pac The 10th Anniversary Collection: The Sex, the Soul & The Street (disc 1: The Sex)'s lyrics 2007-03-26
2Pac The 10th Anniversary Collection: The Sex, the Soul & The Street (disc 2: The Soul)'s lyrics 2007-03-26
2Pac The Way He Wanted It's lyrics 2006-01-30
2Pac A Decade of Silence (disc 1)'s lyrics 2006-00-00
2Pac A Decade of Silence (disc 2)'s lyrics 2006-00-00
2Pac Sunset Blvd's lyrics 2005-08-29
2Pac 2Pac & Friends's lyrics 2005-07-05
2Pac Ready 2 Die's lyrics 2005-01-31
2Pac Ghetto Gospel's lyrics 2005-00-00
2Pac The Prophet Returns's lyrics 2005-00-00
2Pac Loyal to the Game's lyrics 2004-12-14
2Pac The Heart of a Thug Ghetto Gospel's lyrics 2004-00-00
2Pac 2Pac Live's lyrics 2004-00-00
2Pac Tupac: Resurrection's lyrics 2003-11-11
2Pac Nu-Mixx Klazzics's lyrics 2003-10-07
2Pac Thugz Mansion's lyrics 2003-02-10
2Pac Rap Phenomenon II's lyrics 2003-00-00
2Pac The Prophet: The Best of the Works's lyrics 2003-00-00
2Pac Better Dayz (disc 1)'s lyrics 2002-11-26
2Pac Better Dayz (disc 2)'s lyrics 2002-11-26
2Pac Until the End of Time (disc 1)'s lyrics 2001-03-27
2Pac Until the End of Time (disc 2)'s lyrics 2001-03-27
2Pac Until the End of Time's lyrics 2001-00-00
2Pac The Lost Tapes's lyrics 2000-04-18
2Pac The Here After (feat. Notorious B.I.G.)'s lyrics 1999-06-23
2Pac In His Own Words's lyrics 1998-07-21
2Pac Do for Love's lyrics 1998-02-24
2Pac Greatest Hits (disc 1)'s lyrics 1998-00-00
2Pac Changes's lyrics 1998-00-00
2Pac Greatest Hits (disc 2)'s lyrics 1998-00-00
2Pac R U Still Down? (Remember Me) (disc 2)'s lyrics 1997-11-25
2Pac R U Still Down? (Remember Me) (disc 1)'s lyrics 1997-11-25
2Pac 1 in 21: A Tupac Shakur Story's lyrics 1997-00-00
2Pac Untouchable's lyrics 1997-00-00
2Pac How Do U Want It (feat. K-Ci & JoJo)'s lyrics 1996-06-18
2Pac All Eyez on Me (disc 1: Book 1)'s lyrics 1996-02-13
2Pac All Eyez on Me (disc 2: Book 2)'s lyrics 1996-02-13
2Pac How Do U Want It's lyrics 1996-00-00
2Pac How Do U Want It (feat. KC and Jojo)'s lyrics 1996-00-00
2Pac Me Against the World's lyrics 1995-03-14
2Pac California Love's lyrics 1995-00-00
2Pac Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.'s lyrics 1993-02-16
2Pac 2Pacalypse Now's lyrics 1991-11-12
2Pac Fallen Angels's lyrics
2Pac Daddy Jamz Presents: 2Pac, Volume 2's lyrics
2Pac Ready For War's lyrics
2Pac The Untold Story's lyrics
2Pac Hip - Hop Collection's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 2: When My Enemies Fall's lyrics
2Pac Millenium's lyrics
2Pac Live at the House of Blues's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 15: The Remix Album, Part 1's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 4: Thug in Me's lyrics
2Pac Thug Nature's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 13: Retaliation's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 8's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 6: Thug 4 Life's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 11: Ready 4 War's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 5: Thug Passion's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 7: Lost Souls's lyrics
2Pac Best of 2Pac's lyrics
2Pac [non-album tracks]'s lyrics
2Pac Make It or Break It Videos's lyrics
2Pac Hit Em Up 2: The Album's lyrics
2Pac I Live My Life's lyrics
2Pac Only in America's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 12: Resurrection's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 2: The Lost Album's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 14: 2 Sides 2 Every Story's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 16: The Remix Album, Part 2's lyrics
2Pac The Here After's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 2000's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 6's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 8: All Eyez on Him's lyrics
2Pac 2pac Special's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 4: Vengeance's lyrics
2Pac The Acapella Archive's lyrics
2Pac The Best of Gansta Songs's lyrics
2Pac Unreleased Part 1's lyrics
2Pac DJ Mello & DJ Cinema: Tupac Duets's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 3's lyrics
2Pac Dear Mama's lyrics
2Pac Makaveli 10: The Struggle Continues's lyrics

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