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Barely breathing, watching the sky
I'm slowly waiting for an answer
I woke up to find the things I'm searching for will never make me human
Black skies circle,
I have to take control
I have to break the cycle
If one thing confines me,
I have to blame myself there's no one left to blame but me
The truth can ruin lives,
the truth can ruin everything
I'm looking forward now,
I'm forgetting everything
I hope I have the heart to try and fail
I have received this life and I'll defend it with valor
I have received this life and I can't take it for granted
How can we live destined to fail when I can barely breath
We have a choice, it's in our hands
Will we stand firm or will we wilt with age
These thoughts have plagued me for so long
That I've confused my thoughts for reality
We search for things we can't attain
Money kills status fades and when we wake up we'll be dead

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