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We've heard you talk about us
We know you could live without us
We know authority would rather fight than unite
We know our rights and we have none
But that's gonna change tonight
You need to learn that we're not looking down
We see eye to eye

So now I say, we're gonna smash the badge
Until we get our way, don't put it off
Put them away <i>[2x]

Don't want to play your game
Intimidation, fear and shame
Take away the badge
And you're a citizen just the same
There's a time for everything
And you've come at the wrong time lookin for me
How can you say you know what's right, as you lie

[Chorus 2x]

There's been too many days and nights
Being bored with nothin to do
We're gonna tear it down tonight
This one's from us to you
We're gonna take back what you took away
You're gonna take back what you had to say
And you will wish that this was yesterday
Don't need the games you play
We're gonna take, we're gonna break
Leave us alone, or we'll break your face

[Chorus 2x]

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