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In the place of gods, in the hands of fate.
I gave it all but I've been raped.
No friends ever came, no love for me.
I know that I'm free.
From the words, from the cancer, from their eyes.
From all the bullshit I despise.
From all the countless fucking lies.
You're all dead to me.
If I could I would stop your heart.
Not a threat, just a thought I do enjoy.
Do your best to keep me from you.
My broken dreams and shattered goals.
Stop the lies, we are not friends.
End of the line for your forked tongue.
Since I was young nothings more true.
Than what was told that golden clue.
She always said "Our blood ran deep."
And no one can compete...with the ties that you have with family.
Your trust should weigh so heavily on the ones who raised and cared for
You know this is true.

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